This chapter describes functions for performing interpolation. The library provides a variety of interpolation methods, including Cubic splines and Akima splines. The interpolation types are interchangeable, allowing different methods to be used without recompiling. Interpolations can be defined for both normal and periodic boundary conditions. Additional functions are available for computing derivatives and integrals of interpolating functions.

  1. Interpolation classes

  2. Initializing interpolation objects

  3. Index Look-up and Acceleration

  4. Evaluation of Interpolating Functions

  5. Higher level interface: GSL::Spline class

    1. Class initialization

    2. Evaluation

    3. Finding and acceleration

Interpolation Classes

Initializing interpolation objects

Index Look-up and Acceleration

Evaluation of Interpolating Functions

Higher level interface

Class initialization


Finding and acceleration

See also the GSL manual and the examples in examples/

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