1. Mean, Standard Deviation and Variance

  2. Absolute deviation

  3. Higher moments (skewness and kurtosis)

  4. Autocorrelation

  5. Covariance

  6. Correlation

  7. Weighted samples

  8. Maximum and minimum values

  9. Median and percentiles

  10. Examples

Mean, Standard Deviation and Variance

Absolute deviation

Higher moments (skewness and kurtosis)




Weighted samples

Maximum and Minimum values

Median and Percentiles


#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'gsl'

ary =  [17.2, 18.1, 16.5, 18.3, 12.6]
data = Vector.alloc(ary)
mean     = data.mean()
variance = data.stats_variance()
largest  = data.stats_max()
smallest = data.stats_min()

printf("The dataset is %g, %g, %g, %g, %g\n",
       data[0], data[1], data[2], data[3], data[4]);

printf("The sample mean is %g\n", mean);
printf("The estimated variance is %g\n", variance);
printf("The largest value is %g\n", largest);
printf("The smallest value is %g\n", smallest);

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