Ruby/GSL Reference

(See also Gnu Scientific Library – Reference Manual)

Front Matter

This document describes the modules, classes and the methods of Ruby/GSL. This includes cut-and-paste from the GNU Scientific Library – Reference Manual, and documents of the extention libraries.

Copyright of the GSL Reference

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Copyright of this reference

2009,2010 Yoshiki Tsunesada, David MacMahon

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Ruby/GSL Reference

  1. Introduction

  2. Using Ruby/GSL

  3. Error Handling

  4. Mathematical Functions

  5. Complex Numbers

  6. Polynomials

  7. Special Functions

  8. Vectors and Matrices

  9. Permutations

  10. Combinations

  11. Sorting

  12. BLAS Support

  13. Linear Algebra

  14. Eigen Systems

  15. Fast Fourier Transform

  16. Numerical Integration

  17. Random Number Generation

  18. Quasi-Random Sequences

  19. Random Number Distributions

  20. Statistics

  21. 1d-Histograms, 2d-Histograms and 3d-Histograms

  22. N-tuples

  23. Monte-Carlo Integration

  24. Simulated Annealing

  25. Ordinary Differential Equations

  26. Interpolation

  27. Numerical Differentiation

  28. Chebyshev Approximations

  29. Series Acceleration

  30. Wavelet Transforms (GSL-1.6 feature)

  31. Discrete Hankel Transforms

  32. One dimensional Root-Finding

  33. One dimensional Minimization

  34. Multidimensional Root-Finding

  35. Multidimensional Minimization

  36. Least-Squares Fitting

  37. Nonlinear Least-Squares Fitting

  38. Basis Splines

  39. Physical Constants

  40. Graphics

  41. Supported GSL add-on packages

    1. rngextra

    2. Tensor manipulations

    3. OOL: Open Optimization library (see examples/ool/*.rb)

    4. CQP and Bundle (see examples/multimin/cqp.rb, bundle.rb)

    5. quartic

    6. jacobi (see examples/jacobi/*.rb)

    7. NDLINEAR: multi-linear, multi-parameter least squares fitting

    8. ALF: associated Legendre polynomials

  42. NArray compatibilities

  43. Changes since Ruby/GSL 1.10.3

  44. GNU Free Documentation Licence